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Best Free SEO AI Tool: Top User-Friendly and Effective Solutions

by Freework.AI     Updated Dec 1, 2023

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, leveraging the right SEO tools is crucial for success. This comprehensive guide delves into some of the most powerful and versatile SEO tools available today, each offering unique features to enhance your online presence. From Ahrefs' comprehensive toolset for competitor analysis and website optimization to Writesonic's AI-driven content creation, we explore a range of solutions tailored for different needs. We also examine tools like vidIQ for YouTube optimization, Content at Scale for AI-generated long-form content, and the all-encompassing Moz Pro. Additionally, we look at WordPress-focused Content AI by Rank Math, the all-in-one platform SE Ranking, and the innovative SEO.ai. This blog provides insights into each tool's capabilities, pricing, pros, and cons, helping you make informed decisions for your SEO strategy.

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO toolset that includes a variety of features to analyze competitors, audit and optimize websites, find keywords, discover content ideas, link opportunities, and track ranking progress.

Ahrefs homepage image



    • Analyze competitors

    • Audit and optimize website

    • Find keywords

    • Discover content ideas and link opportunities

    • Track ranking progress



        2. Writesonic

        Writesonic is an AI tool designed to simplify content creation. Developed by Writesonic Technologies in San Francisco, it assists copywriters, marketers, and business owners in creating engaging, on-brand content quickly. The tool provides writing templates and allows users to adjust tone and length to augment but not replace their writing.

        Writesonic homepage image


        • Free Trial

        • Unlimited Plan

        • Business Plan

        • Enterprise Plan


        • Content templates for different formats

        • Tone adjustment for formal to casual styles

        • Length adjustment from short snippets to long-form

        • Translation into languages like Spanish and Chinese

        • SEO optimisation with keyword input

        • Unrestricted revisions to refine content

        • Batch content creation for efficiency

        • Custom taxonomy using brand terms and product names

        • Plagiarism-free original content


        • Time savings from faster content creation

        • Increased output by producing content in bulk

        • Improved quality through well-written and engaging text

        • Search optimisation with built-in SEO capabilities

        • Easy repurposing by editing and reusing content

        • Scalability to increase or decrease content production

        • Collaboration for teams through shared templates


        • Inconsistent quality: AI writing still varies in quality

        • Limited creativity: Complex topics may lack nuance

        • Formulaic text: Content may come across as unoriginal

        • Factual errors: Occasional inaccuracies are likely

        • Need for graphics: Users must source visuals separately

        • Plagiarism risks: While minimal, some risks remain

        • Steep learning curve: The tool may take time to master

        3. vidIQ

        vidIQ is a powerful platform designed to boost YouTube views and subscribers. It offers features for optimizing YouTube channels, including AI tools for keyword discovery, content generation, and tools for creating engaging titles and channel names. Additionally, vidIQ provides insights, analytics, and professional coaching for tracking video performance and monetization, making it a trusted tool among top creators in the industry.

        vidIQ homepage image


        • Free

        • Premium upgrades available


        • AI Tools for keyword optimization

        • YouTube Title Generator

        • Channel Name Generator

        • Content Generator

        • Insights and Analytics for tracking performance

        • Professional coaching for personalized guidance


        • Powerful AI Tools for keyword optimization

        • Valuable insights and analytics for tracking performance

        • Professional coaching for personalized guidance

        • Trusted by leading creators in the industry


        • The free version has limitations, with premium upgrades available for additional features

        4. Content at Scale

        Content at Scale is a generative AI tool that assists in brainstorming, content generation, and more. It specializes in creating humanlike long-form content from a single keyword, YouTube video, podcast, URL, or document in just 5 minutes. It includes SEO insights for optimizing content, and the RankWell feature for advanced SEO tools.

        Content at Scale homepage image


        • Generative AI Individual: $39/mo

        • Content Production Bundle: +$199/mo

        • Starter: $399/mo

        • Standard: $999/mo

        • Scaling: $1199/mo


        • Generates short-form content with personalized tone

        • Creates optimized long-form content

        • Provides deep SEO insights and optimization audits

        • Offers content marketing automation

        • Generates long-form content rapidly from various inputs

        • RankWell feature for advanced SEO


        • Rapid generation of high-quality content

        • Cost-effective compared to human writers

        • Advanced SEO tools and insights

        • Generates content from various inputs including videos and podcasts

        • Automates content marketing processes


        • May require fine-tuning for brand-specific voice and style

        • Initial learning curve for maximizing tool capabilities

        • Potential over-reliance on AI-generated content for SEO purposes

        5. Moz Pro

        A renowned and highly trusted all-in-one SEO toolset, Moz Pro provides comprehensive solutions for boosting website performance in search engines. Its user-friendly interface, cutting-edge features, and advanced analytics enable marketers, SEO professionals, and website owners to optimize their online presence and achieve better search engine rankings.

        Moz Pro homepage image


        • Free Trial

        • $99 per month

        • $179 per month

        • $249 per month

        • $599 per month

        • $79 per month (If Billed Annually)

        • $143 per month (If Billed Annually)

        • $199 per month (If Billed Annually)

        • $479 per month (If Billed Annually)


        • Boost SEO rankings

        • Detect website issues

        • Analyze visitor behaviors

        • Uncover link building opportunities

        • Comprehensive SEO tool suite

        • Detailed metrics and reports

        • Enhanced crawling feature


        • Boost SEO rankings

        • Detect website issues

        • Analyze visitor behaviors

        • Uncover link building opportunities

        • Comprehensive SEO tool suite

        • Detailed metrics and reports

        • Enhanced crawling feature


        • Steep learning curve

        • Higher cost compared to some alternatives

        • Non-intuitive user experience

        • Overwhelming depth and range of features for some users

        6. Content AI by Rank Math

        Content AI by Rank Math is an AI tool designed for WordPress, enabling users to effortlessly create SEO-optimized content. It offers over 40 high-converting templates and tools for various content creation needs.

        Content AI by Rank Math homepage image


        • Expert Plan: $10.75/month

        • Creator Plan: $6.58/month

        • Starter Plan: $3.25/month


        • 40+ AI Tools for diverse requirements

        • Instant setup for effortless content creation

        • User-friendly interface

        • Integration with WordPress for on-demand writing

        • Personalized content recommendations

        • SEO-optimized content creation

        • Target audience specific content

        • Consistent brand voice maintenance

        • Support for multiple languages

        • RankBot - Personal SEO assistant

        • 125+ Supercharged prompts

        • Multiple RankBot chat sessions

        • AI command center

        • Integration with Block Editor, Classic Editor, Elementor, Divi

        • History retention for reusability

        • AI-powered SEO Meta and OpenGraph

        • Bulk generation of SEO titles and descriptions

        • Advanced toolbar options

        • Grammarly integration


        • Versatile AI toolset

        • Seamless WordPress integration

        • Multiple language support

        • Personalized content optimization


        • Requires subscription for full features

        • Primarily focused on WordPress users

        7. SE Ranking

        SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO platform tailored for agencies, offering a comprehensive set of tools for complete website analysis and SEO management. It is designed to be user-friendly and scalable, making it a suitable choice for impressing clients and team members alike.

        SE Ranking homepage image


        • Essential: $44.00/month

        • Pro: $87.20/month

        • Business: $191.20/month


        • Keyword Rank Tracker

        • On-Page SEO Checker

        • Website Audit

        • Competitor Analysis Tool

        • Backlink Checker

        • Local Marketing Tool

        • Keyword Suggestion Tool

        • Keyword Grouper

        • Content Marketing Tool

        • Content Editor

        • AI Writer


        • Comprehensive set of SEO tools

        • User-friendly interface

        • Scalable for different business sizes

        • Flexible pricing and free trial option


        • Limited features in the basic plan

        • Pricing may be high for small businesses

        8. SEO.ai

        SEO.ai is an AI tool that uncovers valuable keywords and produces optimized content using proprietary algorithms and Google SERP analysis, working in over 50 languages. It assists in time-consuming SEO tasks by writing SEO-optimized content and identifying relevant keywords.

        SEO.ai homepage image


        • 7-day Free Trial

        • Basic Plan: $49/month

        • Plus Plan: $99/month


        • Auto-generate long SEO-rich articles

        • Rich formatting of content

        • Google EEAT optimized

        • AI-powered keyword research

        • Reveal keywords by audience

        • Steal competitor keywords

        • Machine learning based SEO

        • Data-backed suggestions

        • Real-time SERP analysis

        • Market-leading AI-editor


        • Optimizes content for Google ranking

        • Supports over 50 languages

        • Reduces production time and effort for SEO tasks

        • Offers comprehensive keyword research and competitor analysis


        • Pricing may be prohibitive for some users

        • Dependent on AI accuracy and effectiveness

        • Limited free trial period


        In conclusion, selecting the right SEO tools can significantly impact your online success. This guide has explored a variety of options, each with its strengths and limitations. Ahrefs excels in website auditing and keyword discovery, while Writesonic and Content at Scale offer advanced AI content generation. vidIQ is a go-to for YouTube channel optimization, and Moz Pro provides a comprehensive suite for various SEO needs. For WordPress users, Content AI by Rank Math is ideal, whereas SE Ranking and SEO.ai offer versatile solutions for diverse SEO challenges. Each tool presents unique features and pricing models, catering to different business sizes and needs. By understanding these tools, you can strategically enhance your SEO efforts, improve your online visibility, and drive meaningful traffic to your website.

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