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Travel AI Tools: Discover the Best, Most Accurate, and Practical Solutions for Your Journey

by Freework.AI     Updated Dec 1, 2023

The digital age has revolutionized travel planning, and the forefront of this transformation is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into travel websites and apps. This blog delves into the innovative AI-based features of prominent travel platforms like Booking.com, TripAdvisor, KAYAK, iplan.ai, Skyscanner, ixigo.com, TripPlanner.ai, and travelfeed.io. Each platform brings unique AI functionalities to enhance the user experience in travel planning, from conversational interfaces to personalized itinerary creation, offering insights into the future of AI in the travel industry.

1. Booking

Booking.com's AI Trip Planner, launched in beta, is built upon the company's existing machine learning models and partially powered by large language model technology from OpenAI's ChatGPT API. It offers a conversational experience for trip planning, allowing users to ask general travel-related questions or more specific queries at any stage of their trip planning process.

AI Trip Planner homepage image


  • Not specified


  • Conversational interface for trip planning

  • Supports general and specific travel-related queries

  • Provides travel inspiration and itinerary creation

  • Real-time search refinement

  • Visual list of destinations and properties

  • Integrated accommodation booking within Booking.com app


  • Conversational and intuitive interface

  • Real-time response and refinement of search

  • Integration with Booking.com's booking system


  • Limited availability in beta

  • Currently available to selected US travelers only

  • Language settings restricted to English

2. TripAdvisor

Where To AI is a web app that utilizes artificial intelligence, including the TripAdvisor AI tool, for travel planning. It offers personalized recommendations for destinations, accommodations, and activities based on user preferences, travel history, and budget, aiming to create memorable travel experiences.

Where To AI (featuring TripAdvisor AI tool) homepage image


  • Free


  • Personalized travel recommendations

  • Easy travel planning based on user preferences and history

  • Helps in discovering new destinations


  • Discovers new destinations based on travel style, budget, and mood

  • Provides personalized itinerary with best places to stay, eat, and explore

  • Saves time by eliminating the need to browse through various websites and guides

  • Interactive features for a creative travel planning experience

  • Supports a small, innovative project showcasing AI's potential in travel planning


  • Still in beta mode, might not work perfectly or cover all destinations

  • Relies on internet data, which may not be always accurate or up-to-date

  • Might not capture all nuances of travel planning like visa requirements or cultural differences

  • May not suit everyone's taste or style, some may prefer personal research or human travel agents

  • Could negatively impact the environment due to increased travel

3. KAYAK on ChatGPT

KAYAK on ChatGPT, a feature of KAYAK, is designed to enhance the travel search experience by integrating KAYAK's capabilities with the AI-powered language model ChatGPT developed by OpenAI. It acts as a virtual travel assistant, enabling conversational interactions for travel queries. Users can input natural language questions, receiving personalized recommendations based on KAYAK's travel data.

KAYAK on ChatGPT homepage image


  • Available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers initially, with plans to roll out to more users


  • Virtual travel assistant

  • Conversational interaction for travel searches

  • Personalized travel recommendations based on user queries and KAYAK’s historical data

  • Natural language processing for understanding user needs


  • Enhanced travel search experience

  • Personalized travel suggestions

  • Ease of use with natural language queries


  • Initially limited to ChatGPT Plus subscribers

  • Dependent on the accuracy of KAYAK's historical data

4. iplan.ai

iplan.ai is a smart travel planner that leverages artificial intelligence to create personalized itineraries. It requires users to input their trip details, interests, companions, duration, and budget. The AI curates an itinerary matching these needs, which can be modified by the user.

iplan.ai homepage image


  • Not specified


  • Personalized itinerary creation using AI

  • Ability to see approximate time needed at each location

  • Option to share itinerary privately or publicly

  • User control to modify or remove itinerary items

  • AI adapts to changes for personal needs and updates the itinerary


  • Quick and efficient itinerary creation

  • Personalized travel plans based on user input

  • Flexibility to modify and control the itinerary


  • Pricing and plan details not specified

  • Dependent on user input for personalization

5. Skyscanner

A generative AI-powered search discovery and inspiration tool developed by Skyscanner. It assists travelers in planning trips by generating travel ideas, recommendations, and destination suggestions with links to flight options. The tool uses OpenAI's Chat GPT technology, allowing travelers to input open-ended statements and questions for travel planning.

Dream and discover with AI homepage image


  • Free


  • Generates travel ideas and recommendations

  • Provides destination suggestions with flight options

  • Uses OpenAI's Chat GPT technology for interactive planning

  • Rich destination descriptions and imagery

  • Integrated with Skyscanner's flight search functionality


  • Innovative use of generative AI for travel planning

  • Interactive and user-friendly interface

  • Integration with Skyscanner's flight booking system

  • Helps users discover new travel destinations and experiences


  • Currently in beta phase

  • Limited initial launch in Australia, India, and Singapore

  • Dependence on the accuracy and relevance of AI-generated suggestions

6. PLAN by Ixigo

Ixigo.com provides a comprehensive travel planning tool, leveraging AI-driven functionalities to simplify organizing travels. It assists in choosing destinations, booking flights and hotels, and arranging local transportation.

ixigo.com Planning Tool homepage image


  • Freemium

  • Premium


  • Real-time alerts for flight status and fare drops

  • Comprehensive hotel booking system

  • Vast repository of travel-related content

  • Taxi booking feature

  • Interactive 'Travel Planner' for detailed destination information


  • Simplifies travel planning with AI functionalities

  • Offers a range of booking options for various budgets

  • Provides detailed travel information and planning assistance


  • Advanced features require premium subscription

  • Additional costs like transaction fees may apply

7. TripPlanner.ai

TripPlanner.ai is an AI-powered itinerary planning service offering custom travel plans using artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms for personalized activity and destination suggestions, real-time information about weather and transportation, and a user-friendly interface for easier and faster travel planning.

TripPlanner.ai homepage image


  • Free


  • Custom travel plans using AI

  • Machine learning algorithms for personalized suggestions

  • Real-time information on weather and transportation

  • User-friendly interface


  • User-friendly interface

  • Customized travel plans based on user preferences

  • Incorporates real-time information for planning


  • Limited information available on limitations or drawbacks

8. AI Supported Travel Blog Platform

AI Blogger is a powerful travel blog writing tool that uses artificial intelligence to help create high-quality content in minutes, overcoming writer's block and enhancing writing skills.

AI Blogger homepage image


  • Free


  • Input travel notes, destination, and audience to generate posts

  • Revise generated outline to capture travel experience

  • Review and edit generated blog posts for personal voice and style

  • AI-generated smart blog titles to attract readers

  • Instant map creation for blog embedding

  • SEO and engagement optimization for travel blog content

  • Time-efficient creation of high-quality travel blog posts


  • Saves time in content creation

  • Helps overcome writer's block

  • Optimizes content for SEO and engagement

  • Generates unique and engaging titles

  • Creates maps for blog posts instantly


  • May require manual editing for personal voice and style

  • Dependent on user input for content generation


In conclusion, the emergence of AI in the travel sector marks a significant leap forward in how we plan and experience our journeys. The platforms discussed - Booking.com, TripAdvisor, KAYAK, iplan.ai, Skyscanner, ixigo.com, TripPlanner.ai, and travelfeed.io - showcase the diverse applications of AI, from improving search capabilities to creating personalized travel experiences. As these technologies continue to evolve, they promise to make travel planning more intuitive, efficient, and tailored to individual preferences, paving the way for a more interconnected and accessible world.

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