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Adbot - Your Search Ads Specialist

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Let Adbot be your search ads specialist. Automate your online search ads for better performance. Maximize your budget across platforms for cost-effective results.

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What is Adbot - Your Search Ads Specialist?

Adbot is an advanced Google Ads bidding software designed to streamline ad management. With the power of AI technology, Adbot continuously optimizes your ads round the clock, resulting in significant time savings of up to 75 hours per month.



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Adbot - Your Search Ads Specialist FQA

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Adbot - Your Search Ads Specialist Use Cases

Adbot optimizes your ads 24/7.

Get an affordable AI Search Ads Specialist to manage your Bing and Google ads.

Adbot gets you the highest Click Through Rate (CTR) for the lowest Cost Per Click (CPC) on a small budget.

Your Adbot sets up your ads on Google and Bing in under 10 minutes.

Your Adbot automatically optimizes your keywords and Ad copy.

Reporting has been streamlined and is simple to follow.

Your Adbot automatically distributes your budget across the best-performing platforms.

You only pay when people click on your ads.

Adbot's exceptional service and expert assistance, led to the most effective results. As early as 2 weeks after we started we received enquiries.

Adbot's has allowed us to cut our marketing time from 20 hours a week down to 1. All this for $9 p/m—which is 10% of what we were paying an agency before.

You can schedule a demo with one of our experts at any time that is convenient for you.

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