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Experience superior document interaction with Afforai's proprietary AI framework. Summarize, translate, and get answers with 5x better quality and 10x more coverage than other AI chatbots.

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What is Afforai?

Afforai is a cutting-edge custom Generative AI that revolutionizes your writing tasks and comprehension of extensive text materials. With its exceptional capabilities, Afforai surpasses other AI models such as ChatGPT by delivering five times the quality and ten times the efficiency. This remarkable tool is meticulously crafted to elevate your writing experience to unprecedented heights.



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Afforai Use Cases

Afforai can input all the information on any topic, from any discipline, in any language, and summarize key findings relevant to your goals.

Afforai seamlessly translates documents, files, spreadsheets & websites, filtering out what you don’t need & answering your specific questions within seconds.

Afforai is able to translate your documents to more than 100 languages, meaning wherever you’re from, you can be assured we can help.

Afforai can extract data from a multitude of formats, including; PDF, URL, DOCX, PPTX & XLSX, as well as your own text & links from Websites. The possibilities are limitless!

Afforai is able to show exactly where your data has been extracted from & highlight it for you, so you never lose your time validating information again.

We want Afforai to be accessible to everyone. That is why we have a no subscription payment term. You get your first 30 tokens completely free, then you can use Afforai on a pay as you go basis.

Afforai uses Azure Server & Azure OpenAI API. In other words, your data is more than safe with us.

Legal documents? Summarizing a book? Extracting data from a website? We allow you to create multiple chatbots at one time, so you can use Afforai for a whole range of purposes.

People spend 9 hours a week just to gather information from documents. That’s over 432 hours per year! Afforai can save you up to 400 hours per year when it comes to reading & extracting data from documents, saving thousands of Dollars in the process.

We support more than 100 Languages, meaning you can seamlessly use our services regardless of where you are from. Our Cross Language Querying feature also allows flawless translation of documents.

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