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Save time and effort with AI Excel Bot - instantly generate Excel and Google Sheets formulas with text instructions. Get the right formula in seconds, no more searching the web. Try our Chrome Extension now!

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What is AI Excel Bot?

Our AI-powered tool enables you to effortlessly generate Excel and Google Sheets formulas within seconds. Instead of spending countless hours scouring the internet for the correct formula, simply provide text instructions and let our AI do the work for you. Take advantage of our convenient Chrome Extension to seamlessly utilize AI without having to leave Google Sheets or Excel.


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Pros VS Cons

AI Excel Bot offers a wide range of features such as generating complex Excel formulas, explaining formulas and VBA code, supporting task explanations, and saving time and effort for users.
However, it has limitations such as no offline usage, limited free plan, lack of context in explanations, reliance on GPT-3 accuracy, and no support for variant languages.

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AI Excel Bot FQA

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AI Excel Bot Use Cases

Generate complex formulas using simple text instructions in seconds.

Sum column A when cell B10 equals the word hello

The formula is a VLOOKUP formula.

It looks up the value in cell B3.

It looks for the value in the range of cells from F3 to G8.

It returns the value from the second column of the range (G3:G8).

It does not approximate the value if it is not found (FALSE).

Easily generate Excel or Google Sheets formulas with simple text prompts.

No need to scratch your head to understand complex Excel or Google Sheets formulas. Let the AI help you do that.

No need to waste time writing or understanding VBA. AI Excel Bot can write VBA and explain it to you in seconds.

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