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Create captivating stories with AI-Novel, the largest public Japanese AI. With over 2TB of training data, unleash your creativity and start writing with Weirs and Trin AI.

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What is AI-Novel?

Japanese Storywriting AIAI Novelistβ2.0 is the leading Japanese storywriting AI, renowned for its extensive training with a massive 2TB data corpus. This AI is specifically developed to assist users in crafting captivating and compelling stories in the Japanese language.



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AI-Novel FQA

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AI-Novel Use Cases

AI-Novel is a Japanese storywriting AI trained from scratch by more than 2TB corpus.

You can start writing stories with AI-Novel by entering a seed text of at least 5-6 lines.

AI-Novel provides example prompts for novellas, chat conversations, games & experiences, and miscellaneous topics.

AI-Novel is developed by Bit192, Inc.

AI-Novel's research is supported by Cloud TPUs from Google's TPU Research Cloud (TRC).

AI-Novel is a product of Bit192, Inc. and is subject to the Act of Specified Commercial Transactions, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Developer API.

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