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Unleash your creativity with AI Palette! Discover unique color palettes inspired by art bot colors and transform your designs. Use ChatGPT's language model to generate palettes from text input and effortlessly tweak suggested colors.

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What is AI Palette?

AI Palette is a cutting-edge color palette generator powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Its innovative technology enables the effortless creation of stunning color schemes. By analyzing millions of color combinations, AI Palette identifies and presents the most inspiring and captivating options.



Pros VS Cons

AI Palette is a user-friendly Figma plugin that quickly generates diverse colors, streamlines the color selection process, and enhances workflow efficiency with its time-saving features.
However, it is limited to Figma, lacks support for other design software, and has limitations such as no historical palette reference, no global color adjustments, and no mobile app or offline capability.

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AI Palette FQA

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  • How can I generate a new color palette?icon plus
  • Can I change the color of the Artboard?icon plus
  • How can I create a color palette based on textual input?icon plus
  • How can I modify the colors generated for each palette?icon plus

AI Palette Use Cases

Our AI technology allows you to effortlessly create a new color palette

Utilize the Chat GPT AI model to create a distinctive color palette based on textual input

You are able to modify the colors generated for each palette with ease

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