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Stream confidently with ai_licia, the ultimate AI companion on Twitch. Engage viewers, spark conversations, and never stream alone again. Get NovaSquare's groundbreaking AI_licia now!

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What is ai_licia by NovaSquare?



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ai_licia by NovaSquare FQA

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ai_licia by NovaSquare Use Cases

ai_licia keeps your chat active while you focus on streaming. Never miss a chance to connect with viewers and grow your channel!

You can have ai_licia fit the exact vibe of your stream. Use the dashboard personality settings to change any mood any time!

Enable listening mode and have ai_licia listen and respond to your voice almost as if she had ears.

ai_licia is an AI companion designed for streamers on Twitch. Our primary focus is to support streamers in their efforts to generate engagement and moderate their channels. By interacting with both the streamer and the viewers through the chat, ai_licia provides an extra layer of support and adds a fun and interactive element to the stream.

ai_licia is a natural part of my stream by now, the community loves interacting with her and more often than not conversations take very unexpected and entertaining turns when she is there!

Join now to get 3 streams for free with ai_licia+ Flex for £4.99 per month. This includes 3 streams per week and access to community support.

Join now to get full access to ai_licia + priority support with ai_licia+ Unlimited for £9.99 per month. This includes unlimited streams, direct support line, and feature request.

Don't get DMCA Strikes with ai_licia's DMCA Free Playlists for all your streams.

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