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Detect and prevent AI usage in student writing with AICheatCheck. Maintain academic integrity and ensure honesty in assessments with this powerful web-app. Perfect for educators and administrators.

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What is AICheatCheck?

The Checker AI is an advanced research initiative focusing on an AI Cheat Check for Education. This cutting-edge artificial intelligence is designed to identify and mitigate instances of cheating within educational environments.



Pros VS Cons

AICheatCheck offers a high accuracy rate, detailed technical report, methodology explanation, and user-friendly privacy policy, making it a reliable tool for educational institutions to detect GPT model in assignments and improve system through cookies.
AICheatCheck has limitations such as working only with English, reduced accuracy for texts below 50 words, potential privacy concerns due to the use of cookies, and the absence of offline availability, API description, and free trial option.

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AICheatCheck Use Cases

The Checker AI is a tool designed to uphold academic integrity by verifying student work authenticity with an accuracy rate of 99.7%.

The Checker AI is a part of the EduLink AI family and is raising the bar in education with AI innovation.

The Checker AI can be experienced in educational institutions by getting in touch at contact@edulinkai.com or scheduling a meeting.

The Checker AI currently works with the English language and is most accurate above 50 words.

The Checker AI has been featured in various publications such as Forbes, ABC News, and The Educator Online.

The Checker AI is a valuable tool for teachers, professors, and academic staff to recognize AI written content.

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