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Transform your mental wellbeing with Align - a personalized solution that supports good mental health through science-backed lifestyle choices.

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What is Align?

Align is a comprehensive mental health application designed to assist individuals in cultivating and sustaining optimal mental well-being by making mindful lifestyle choices.



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Align FQA

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Align Use Cases

Use Align to understand how your lifestyle choices impact your mental wellbeing.

Take the quiz on Align to receive a tailored blueprint for building better mental wellbeing.

Use the daily tracker on Align to make changes to your lifestyle and improve your mental wellbeing.

Evaluate how different areas of your life, such as food, sleep, environment, relationships, lifestyle, mindset, and purpose, contribute to your mental wellbeing using Align.

Read testimonials from users who have found Align helpful in improving their mental wellbeing.

Sign up for Align's free weekly newsletter to receive science and tips on sustaining good mental health.

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