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Boost your ad performance with AlphaCTR, the AI platform that creates stunning thumbnails and ad creatives. Get hundreds of high-performance image options in a few clicks.

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What is AlphaCTR?

AlphaCTR is an innovative AI platform specifically designed to generate exceptional thumbnails and ad creatives. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, this platform effortlessly delivers numerous high-performance image choices with just a few clicks.


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Pros VS Cons

AlphaCTR offers a wide range of features including high-performance thumbnails, ad creative generation, efficient production of options, accurate face matching, user preference learning, customizable plans, and professional-looking results, making it appealing to non-design experts and providing unlimited text styles and downloads.
However, it has limited variants per credit, no free unlimited use, lacks diversity in faces, may produce similar creatives, does not guarantee API access, requires reference images, has limited customer support options, and lacks multi-language support.

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AlphaCTR Use Cases

With AlphaCTR’s fast and easy thumbnail/ad creation process, you can create hundreds of mind blowing high performance creatives in seconds.

Don't worry if you're not a design expert. Our AI technology makes it easy for anyone to create professional-looking thumbnails and ad creatives, regardless of their skill level.

Our custom model has been trained to optimise for high CTRs, guaranteeing that your thumbnail or creatives are not lost in the noise.

Our 99% accurate face reconstruction ensures your creatives showcase realistic faces in new avatars.

Create mouth-watering creatives all in just one tool. Our AI-powered text effects make it super easy to get your text looking spiffy and inviting!

Based on your preferred choices, our AI constantly learns your favourite styles and optimises your results for what works best for you.

Choose a plan that matches your needs. Unleash the true potential of your creatives with AlphaCTR.

Make 3 creatives for free.

Is AlphaCTR easy to use? Do I need any design experience?

How accurate is AlphaCTR 99% face reconstruction technology?

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