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Altos AI - Autonomous Advertising

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Boost client outcomes, reduce costs, and stay ahead with Altos AI - the revolutionary autonomous ad platform for agencies. Automate ad optimization, management, and tracking with AI.

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What is Altos AI - Autonomous Advertising?

Altos is the premier AI-driven autonomous ads agency globally. It revolutionizes the advertising industry by harnessing Artificial Intelligence to enhance ad campaign optimization, organization, and split-testing in real-time. As a result, ad agencies benefit from unparalleled outcomes. Through automated ad creation, tracking, and management, Altos significantly reduces expenses, liberates valuable time, and elevates client success. Designed to amplify agencies' advertising endeavors, Altos serves as an AI-powered media buyer, R&D department, and support system.



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Altos AI - Autonomous Advertising FQA

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Altos AI - Autonomous Advertising Use Cases

Track all of your clients leads and sales in-realtime - under one roof. Save hours each week.

Automate client lead, sales & ROAS tracking

Track client results and get alerts when it matters most.

Easily sync with existing CRMS

Connect your client's ad accounts and connect webhooks to their pipeline

Get real-time insights on all your clients lead and sales results

See average client metrics across dozens of categories

Peace of mind with proactive alerts

Spend up to 80% less time checking accounts, scribbling reports and fighting client fires

Organize your ad creative, copy, landing pages and offers in one place

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