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Create stunning web apps effortlessly with AppGen - the ultimate AI-powered builder. No coding required. Start building today!

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What is AppGen?

Symph AI specializes in AI products that empower users to make intelligent decisions, accelerate development cycles, and streamline data control. Our cutting-edge technologies and extensive industry expertise support these products, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.



Pros VS Cons

AppGen offers a codeless web app development platform with a user-friendly interface, diverse range of apps, quick creation, and support for various domains, providing a wide user reach and monetization opportunities.
However, AppGen has limited app genres, lacks customization options, and imposes restrictions on word count and result generation, while also requiring payment for premium features such as password protection and personalized assistance, making it expensive for high-volume users and teams with monthly pay, and lacking free extensive testing.

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AppGen FQA

  • What is Brands Challenge?icon plus
  • What is SM Wais Grocery List?icon plus
  • What is Jollybot?icon plus
  • What is Ayala Mall Guide?icon plus
  • What is Robinsons EasyMart?icon plus

AppGen Use Cases

An AI assistant for SM customers that gives them customized, smart grocery lists for them and their families

An AI-powered chatbot app offering personalized recommendations, menu information, and foodie trivia related to Jollibee

An AI-powered app that gives you personalized recommendations for stores, entertainment, and dining options at Ayala!

An AI shopping assistant for Robinsons Easymart customers to budget their next grocery trip

An AI-powered app that suggests unique Starbucks drinks tailored to your preferences

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