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Unlock Steve Jobs' wisdom through Ask Steve - the ultimate platform for answers to your burning questions from his real-life speeches and interviews.

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What is Ask Steve?

AskSteve is a website that offers users the opportunity to gain valuable insights and guidance from Steve Jobs, the renowned visionary, through his authentic speeches and interviews. Powered by cutting-edge AI technology, AskSteve ensures users receive informative answers to their questions.



Pros VS Cons

Ask Steve is an automated chatbot tool accessible via WhatsApp that provides authentic and comprehensive information about Steve Jobs through deep search capabilities, saving users time and enhancing their understanding of Jobs' career and legacy.
However, it is limited to Steve Jobs knowledge, can only be accessed through WhatsApp, depends on the accuracy of Lex Snippets, lacks multi-platform access and language support, and may not handle complex queries efficiently with slow response times, while also lacking offline functionality and direct developer support.

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Ask Steve Use Cases

AskSteve is a product that allows users to get their questions answered by Steve Jobs based on real life speeches and interviews.

Users can search for Lex Snippets using AskSteve.

AskSteve is built by Bilal Tahir.

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