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Discover the power of AskMetric, the AI-driven data platform that revolutionizes e-commerce insights. Access multiple channels effortlessly with our intuitive AI bot.

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What is AskMetric?

Ask Metric is an advanced AI platform that provides extensive data and valuable insights for merchants across multiple e-commerce platforms. This powerful tool enables users to effortlessly visualize metrics, conduct keyword searches, and receive expert recommendations for optimizing product, platform, and advertising strategies.


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Pros VS Cons

AskMetric offers a comprehensive set of real-time metrics tracking, competitor strategy monitoring, and effective market target tactics, providing valuable insights and recommendations for data-driven decision-making in eCommerce.
However, it lacks integration flexibility, predictive analytics functionality, and multi-user support, and also excludes non-eCommerce industries, limiting its scalability and customization options.

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AskMetric Use Cases

AskMetric can be used to ask Google Assistant questions

AskMetric can be used to search on Amazon.com

AskMetric can be used to search on eBay.com

AskMetric can be used to search on Esty.com

AskMetric can be used to search on craggiest.com

AskMetric can be used to search on wayfarer.com

AskMetric can be used to search on shein.com

AskMetric can be used to search on temu.com

AskMetric can be used to search on wish.com

AskMetric can be used to search on Walmart.com - metrics

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