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Discover the power of Asktro, the advanced AI tool that transforms user search experience and acts as an intelligent assistant for static documentation. Revolutionize your search with dynamic and intelligent functionality. Try Asktro today!

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What is Asktro?

Asktro is an innovative AI tool that transforms the way users search for information. It acts as an intelligent AI assistant specifically designed for static documentation, such as Nextra platforms. By utilizing cutting-edge embedded text similarity search and powerful language models, Asktro provides users with dynamic and intelligent search capabilities, enhancing their overall search experience.


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Asktro FQA

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Asktro Use Cases

Asktro brings natural language search, and an AI assistant to your static docs.

Asktro provides a ready-to-go search UI to add to your documentation site and a plugin to ingest and index your documentation.

Asktro indexes sections of your documentation in a vector store which enables similarity search over the embedded text.

Asktro provides an AI assistant that will synthesize the search results to respond based on the documentation and the specific question.

Check out the official Asktro documentation and try out Asktro search to explore the docs for yourself.

Check out a fork of the official Nextra/SWR docs and a Docusaurus demo with the default search replaced with Asktro.

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