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Unlock the power of your database effortlessly with AskYourDatabase. ChatGPT Plugin makes querying data a breeze. No SQL or Python scripts needed!

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What is AskYourDatabase?

AskYourDatabase is a ChatGPT plugin that enables users to effortlessly communicate with their database by utilizing natural language queries, eliminating the requirement for SQL.



Pros VS Cons

AskYourDatabase offers a user-friendly interface, seamless integration with databases, enhanced data security, and a wide range of features for non-technical users to interact with their databases.
The platform relies on ChatGPT, has limited database compatibility, only supports English queries, and collects billing information for paid features.

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AskYourDatabase Use Cases

Connect your database and start chatting with your data.

Works with your favorite databases.

Forget complex SQL or Python scripts.

Trusted by 100+ companies worldwide.

A big shout-out to @AskYourDatabase for their excellent chatGPT plugin.

Ask Your Database allows you to leverage your data even if you don't know SQL.

How to use AskYourDatabase?

Currently, AskYourDatabase has ChatGPT plugin version and Desktop version.

Once installed, tell ChatGPT the connection string or, namely, the URI of your database.

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