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Effortlessly crop, download, and enhance multiple images at once with AutoCropper. Enjoy automatic crop detection, precise adjustments, and unlimited file sizes for instant results.

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What is AutoCropper?

AutoCropper is an innovative AI-driven online solution designed to simplify the process of image cropping. By employing advanced algorithms, this tool swiftly detects and crops various sections within an image, saving them as separate photo files. With AutoCropper, you can bid farewell to time-consuming manual cropping and sluggish scanning software. Effortlessly transform your photo collection into digital format with this efficient tool.



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AutoCropper Use Cases

AutoCropper detects and crops the individual photos from each image, straightens them, and saves them into separate image files.

Scan multiple photos at once, effortlessly crop multiple images at once online

Fastest way to scan multiple photos

Detect multiple photos on each scan

Batch crop multiple images

Automatic rotation detection and correction

Multiple photo scanning software tool

Full quality upload and download with no compression

Automatic photo detection

EXIF encoding and more

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