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Experience the power of AutoInfra AI, the ultimate chat interface for your Cloud Infrastructure. Effortlessly manage your AWS account with natural language and receive real-time alerts and resolutions. Discover the future of AWS management today!

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What is AutoInfra AI?

Lingtual is a platform that offers an efficient solution for creating AI business tools and chatbots instantly. With Lingtual, users can seamlessly connect different tools and services without any coding requirements. This platform empowers users to effortlessly manage, customize, and monitor their businesses using their preferred software and messaging platforms.



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AutoInfra AI FQA

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AutoInfra AI Use Cases

Build AI tools and chatbots that connect to everything you use. Connect calendar, email, company API's, docs, DB's, and more - without code

Use your existing messaging like Slack, SMS, or use a custom interface. Build AI tools to control, modify, and observe your business using your existing software.

Build tools that connect AI to any internal or external REST API, DB, etc. securely. Use our built-in connectors to connect to popular services like GMail, Slack, etc. or use our custom connectors to connect to your internal services

Drag and drop language models, vector stores, docs, tools (like browsing) and more to assemble your interface quickly. LLMs will use the tools and APIs your provide as needed to answer your questions.

Lingtual is effortlessly adaptable, so you're never limited by what's available out of the box. If you can get the data with your APIs, you can build it in Lingtual. Paid users can call flows via our API as well.

Take full control with our self-hosting options. Deploy to your own infrastructure with no worries about data storage, retention policies, or password management - all data stays within your secure VPC. Quickly and securely deploy AI workflows and apps on your own domains via Docker or Kubernetes. HIPAA compliant and self hosted models available. Enterprise users can get custom features built for no additional cost

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