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Unleash your creativity with Avatar AI - craft unique AI-generated avatars effortlessly.

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What is Avatar AI?

Photo AI is a groundbreaking photo application that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI). It revolutionizes the way users create avatars and capture lifelike photos. With its cutting-edge technology, Photo AI offers an extensive array of features and ensures swift results.



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Avatar AI FQA

  • How does Photo AI's AI Photo Generator work?icon plus
  • What AI model do you use?icon plus
  • How much does Photo AI cost?icon plus
  • What is an Avatar AI™ Photo Shoot and how does it work?icon plus
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Avatar AI Use Cases

Generate different styles of avatars based on the original Avatar AI™

Train photo models with AI and take photos with them

Save time and money by avoiding the need to travel or hire expensive photographers

Generate virtually limitless number of portraits with different clothing

Join Photo AI's Affiliate Program and receive a 20% commission on referrals

Create your first AI character and start doing photoshoots

Take AI photos with public AI characters

Upload selfies and start taking AI photos

Design photorealistic scenes with AI

Try on clothes and styles on your AI character

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