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Boost your website's conversion rate with BalticAI, a customizable chat widget powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT. Get lightning-fast, precise responses.

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What is Baltic-AI?

Baltic AI is essentially a customizable AI chatbot service that operates on the power of Open AI. Its main purpose is to enhance user experiences on websites by offering intelligent chat interactions through a convenient chat widget. With Baltic AI, websites can effectively engage with visitors, provide assistance, and elevate overall user satisfaction.


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Baltic-AI Use Cases

Baltic AI is an intelligent chat widget that empowers website interactions. It can engage, assist, and elevate user experiences.

With Baltic AI's powerful chatbot, powered by Open AI, you can ensure lightning-fast responses to your website visitors, enhancing engagement and driving conversions.

You can have dynamic and engaging conversations with Baltic AI's smart chatbot, thanks to Open AI's advanced capabilities.

The widget can be easily customized to blend perfectly with your design, giving it a personal touch and matching your website's branding.

By adding your own data to the chatbot, you can make its responses more accurate and relevant.

Open AI's responses can be personalized to perfectly match your brand's unique tone and style.

The chat widget provides a seamless user experience with smooth and natural interactions.

Baltic AI offers dedicated support, with a team always ready to assist and guide you whenever you need help.

The pricing plans for Baltic AI include Basic, Advanced, and Enterprise, offering different features and question limits at different price points.

With Baltic AI's customization options, you can set specific parameters and guidelines to personalize the chatbot's responses.

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