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Streamline your design process with Based, an AI-powered frontend design editor for developers. Get simple, clean code-ready designs for your web app and focus on building great software. Save time and enhance productivity.

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What is Based?

Based is a user interface (UI) builder specifically designed for developers. It enables you to effortlessly generate coded UI without the need for any design expertise. With Based, you can expedite the development process of your web application by offering a developer-centric solution that prioritizes coding over design.



Pros VS Cons

Based offers instant web app UI generation with a conversational design approach, eliminating the need for design skills and traditional design processes, while providing flexible code customization and integrating seamlessly into existing workflows, with dedicated support and access to the newest features.
However, it is limited to supporting web applications and may have limitations in rapid design and conversational design, potential translation errors, integration issues with existing workflows, limited code customization, potential latency in code generation, and ambiguity regarding design replacement, with a subscription cost after the three-month free trial.

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Based Use Cases

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