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BFF (GPT-4 friend in iMessage)

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Get support and guidance from BFF, your personal iMessage friend. Discuss relationships, career, and mental health. Daily texts tailored to you.

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What is BFF (GPT-4 friend in iMessage)?

BFF is an AI companion offered in iMessage, designed to engage in daily text conversations about your life. Acting as a responsive diary, it provides a platform to discuss and explore topics like your career, aspirations, personal connections, and emotional well-being.



Pros VS Cons

BFF (GPT-4 friend in iMessage) offers a virtual diary and chatbot experience with personalized insights, proactive daily outreach, and discussions on various topics, ensuring privacy and security with multiple pricing options available.
The app is limited to iMessage platform, has a daily message restriction in the free version, an expensive Pro version, and lacks Android compatibility and a desktop application, with sales inquiries being the only live-chat option.

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BFF (GPT-4 friend in iMessage) FQA

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BFF (GPT-4 friend in iMessage) Use Cases

Use BFF to discuss your career and receive advice and guidance.

BFF can help you set and track your goals, providing motivation and accountability.

Share your thoughts and emotions with BFF, and receive comforting and supportive responses.

Use BFF as a virtual diary, where you can reflect on your day and receive personalized insights.

BFF offers a free option with 5 messages a day, allowing you to experience the benefits without any cost.

Upgrade to the Pro version of BFF for $10 a month to enjoy unlimited messages and personalized learning.

BFF's AI Live Chat feature ensures quick responses, typically within 5 seconds.

Contact the BFF sales line to inquire about the product and ask any questions you may have.

BFF is powered by MagicForm, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience.

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