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Discover the digital revolution with Big Tech Company's AI solutions. Experience our groundbreaking AI-powered blockchain metaverse adtech for exponential growth and impact. #satire

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What is Big Tech Company?

Big Tech Company is a dynamic and innovative organization leveraging artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to revolutionize the concept of a metaverse in the advertising technology industry. Their primary goal is to introduce groundbreaking ideas that challenge societal norms while generating significant value for shareholders. With an array of advanced software solutions, they harness the potential of immense data sets and the blockchain to bring about transformative changes globally.



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Big Tech Company FQA

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Big Tech Company Use Cases

AI-powered social media platform that optimizes for polarization and tribalism

Search engine consisting solely of ads that microtargets users

AI-powered blockchain platform for executing rug pulls

AI-powered civic automation tool for voting in elections

AI-powered surveillance system for detecting and punishing 'dangerous' or 'subversive' thoughts

AI-powered military drone for identifying and suppressing potential rioters and looters

Personalized nutrition service that gives users bad advice to increase customer lifetime value

AI-powered scoring system for quantifying and evaluating individuals' lives

Proactive identification of problematic users through AI for trust and safety teams

AI-powered brain implant for influencing users' behavior and beliefs

Virtual assistant powered by low-paid human workers

Smart speaker and home security system that monitors and records users' private life

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