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Save time and hassle with Billie, the ultimate invoice assistant on macOS. Let machine learning and a touch of magic automate file renaming, moving, and even sending to your accountant.

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What is Billie?

Billie on macOS is an efficient invoice management tool designed to streamline and optimize your invoice process.



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Billie FQA

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Billie Use Cases

Automate your invoice archiving workflow with Billie

Easily rename and archive your invoices with Billie

Save time by letting Billie analyze and extract data from your invoices

Use the Dynamic Ticket feature in Billie to quickly access your invoices

Customize filename patterns in Billie to suit your preferences

Organize your invoices automatically by month, fiscal quarter, and year with Billie

Keep track of the companies you work with using Billie

Enjoy a visually optimized interface with dark mode support in Billie

Take back your time and try Billie today

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