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Discover Blizzy 2.0, the all-in-one AI assistant! Enjoy real-time browsing, a customizable knowledge base, ready-made prompts, and unmatched privacy. Upgrade your AI experience now!

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What is Blizzy?

Blizzy 2.0 is an advanced AI assistant that combines various features to enhance your online experience. With Blizzy 2.0, you no longer need to rely on multiple AI tools for chat, document search, and internet browsing. This secure assistant provides real-time browsing capabilities, a customizable knowledge base, and a collection of ready-made prompts. Moreover, Blizzy 2.0 prioritizes your privacy and security, ensuring a safe and protected environment. Say goodbye to juggling between different tools and welcome the all-in-one solution with Blizzy 2.0.



Pros VS Cons

Blizzy offers a wide range of features including smart sales support, workflow optimization, personalized content creation, and secure browsing, boosting online sales performance and optimizing online presence.
However, it has limited language support, no free trial, lacks multilingual support, and lacks document version control, with no API available and limited personalization options.

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Blizzy FQA

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Blizzy Use Cases

Use Blizzy to have meaningful conversations with your data

Chat with ChatGPT 4

Chat with PDF, Word, Text, URL, CSV, PPT files

Include online results in your conversations

Bulk upload documents up to 100,000 words in 5 seconds

No data monitoring for enhanced privacy

Access chat history anytime

Utilize ready-made prompts for easier conversations

Create a personalized knowledge vault within Blizzy

Upload and store documents in your knowledge vault

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