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Transform blogs into captivating podcasts with BlogToPod. AI-powered platform lets you paste your blog, select a voice, and download your podcast for a wider audience.

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What is BlogToPod?

BlogToPod is a cutting-edge platform powered by AI, designed to transform your well-received blogs into captivating podcasts. By utilizing BlogToPod, you can effortlessly broaden your content's reach and captivate an entirely new audience. Say goodbye to the need for a podcast studio or specialized technical skills – BlogToPod simplifies the process for you.



Pros VS Cons

BlogToPod offers a simple user interface, multiple voice options, quick download capability, free tier availability, and potential for content expansion, making it easy for users to repurpose their blogs into podcasts and reach a new audience.
However, the limited voice options, lack of editing functionality, expensive subscription, requirement for an internet connection, absence of multi-language support, offline functionality, direct publishing feature, quality adjustment, and customer service chat may hinder user experience.

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BlogToPod FQA

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BlogToPod Use Cases

Turn Your Blog Into A Podcast In Minutes

Copy and paste your blog

Select your voice of choice

Download your new podcast

Let Your Content Do More

It's hard to find time to write a blog, prepare for a podcast and write tweets. BlogToPod helps you unlock a new audience by turning your blog into a podcast

You Don't Need To Pay For A Full Podcast Set Up

Simply copy and paste your blog post, and within minutes, we'll convert it to an engaging podcast

Listen To Examples: The Feynman Technique - Farnam Street, The Power of Anti Goals - Andrew Wilkinson, Share Your Secrets - Jakob Greenfeld

Pricing: One Off - $10 / podcast, 6 Podcasts - $8 / podcast, 20 Podcasts - $6 / podcast

FAQs: How much is it?, Do I have to be technical?, How do I publish my podcast to Spotify and other platforms?

Create Your First Podcast For Free

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