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Boost your Twitch, YouTube, and Discord with Botisimo - the ultimate chatbot and stream tool. AI-powered commands, overlays, loyalty points, and more!

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What is Botisimo?

Botisimo is a comprehensive live streaming toolkit designed for Twitch, YouTube, Trovo, and Facebook Gaming. It provides a wide range of features including stream overlays, chatbots, sponsorships, tipping options, giveaways, a music player, and loyalty points system.



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Botisimo Use Cases

Stream Overlays & Alerts: Take your stream to the next level with customizable overlays and alerts. Compatible with OBS, Lightstream, and most major live streaming software, our designs are easy to use and fully customizable. Whether you're a professional streamer or a casual gamer, our overlays and alerts will help you create a professional, engaging experience for your viewers. Try them out today and see the difference they can make on your stream.

Sponsorships: Want to take your stream to the next level? Our sponsorship network connects you, the content creator, with top-notch brands, so you can monetize your passion and cash in on your hard work. With our easy-to-use platform, you can showcase your channel, network with potential sponsors, and negotiate deals that work for you, like a pro. Sign up now and watch your stream grow with our help! Don't settle for anything less than greatness.

Cloud-Based Chatbot: No downloads. No installs. Everything is run for you in the cloud. You and your PC can focus all your cycles on making awesome content, we'll take care of the rest.

Loyalty Points: With our loyalty system, you can show your appreciation to your most dedicated viewers and reward them with exclusive perks, merchandise, shoutouts, and more. Sign up now and start engaging with your audience in a whole new level, you deserve it!

Music Player: Give your live stream the soundtrack it deserves. Take song requests from your viewers through chat.

Polls: Easily create and run polls across all supported platforms. Engage your community and get instant feedback from chat.

Giveaways: Boost engagement and reward your viewers with easy-to-use giveaways. Viewers enter the giveaway via chat and results are displayed via stream overlay.

Donation/Tip Page: Effortlessly set up a donation page and accept donations during your live streams on Twitch, YouTube, Trovo, Kick, and Facebook.

Stream Reports: Keep track of your streaming performance with detailed analytics and reports. Get insights on your audience engagement, stream duration, and more across all platforms.

Spam Filters: Keep your chats free from spam and unwanted messages. Our spam filters detect and block spam in real-time, allowing you to focus on engaging with your audience.

Calendar: Publish your stream schedule and share your content calendar with your fans to keep them informed and excited about your content.

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