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Create captivating case studies effortlessly with Case Study Writer. Utilize our powerful storytelling framework and ChatGPT (GPT3) technology for professional results. Perfect for Product Marketers.

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What is Case Study Writer?

Case Study Writer is a platform designed to assist B2B product marketers in efficiently creating professional case studies. By utilizing a proven storytelling framework and ChatGPT technology, this platform enables users to generate case studies swiftly and effortlessly. It streamlines the process of gathering stories, saving valuable time, and facilitating the production of case studies on a larger scale.


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Pros VS Cons

Case Study Writer is a time-efficient tool that generates professional case studies using ChatGPT technology, offering a virtual interview feature and enabling in-house editing, while eliminating the need for third parties and allowing for iterative improvement in creating scalable case studies for B2B product marketers, currently available for free and helpful in collecting customer stories.
However, this tool is limited to B2B marketers, lacks an API for integrations, requires editing post-generation, relies on ChatGPT technology and virtual interviews, has unspecified data privacy, lacks multi-language support and personalization options, has no offline functionality, and scalability limits are not specified.

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Case Study Writer Use Cases

Reduce time spent collecting stories

Easier than using third parties

Generate case studies at scale

Case studies have never been easier

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