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Streamline HR processes with Ceipal's comprehensive platform. From recruitment to payroll, manage employee records, timesheets, and performance effortlessly. Boost engagement and productivity with powerful tools. Get the most out of your work hours with leave tracking and attendance management. Run your business smoothly with Ceipal.

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What is Ceipal?

Ceipal is a robust HR and payroll platform that offers a wide range of features and advantages. It simplifies and streamlines the entire HR process, starting from recruitment to payroll and employee onboarding. Our user-friendly interface makes it effortless to set up, manage, and monitor employee records, timesheets, and payroll while providing access to various reports. Ceipal also provides a suite of powerful tools to effectively manage employee performance and engagement. Through our performance management features, you can effortlessly track employee performance, establish goals, and measure progress. Additionally, our engagement features enable you to gauge employee satisfaction and identify areas for improvement. Ceipal also includes features like leave tracking and attendance management to ensure optimal utilization of work hours. With our comprehensive HR and payroll platform, you can be confident that your business is operating smoothly and efficiently.



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Ceipal FQA

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Ceipal Use Cases

Ceipal brings together ATS, CRM, and VMS technology into a comprehensive platform for unparalleled talent visibility.

Ceipal's AI-powered ATS delivers high-quality talent to your dashboard and integrates with your hiring workflow for a more efficient talent acquisition process.

Ceipal Procurewise is a flexible and user-friendly vendor management system that empowers organizations to manage talent suppliers effectively.

Ceipal's recruitment CRM helps organizations proactively identify opportunities, engage candidates, and automate outreach for more efficient hiring.

Ceipal's Workforce Management helps organizations oversee talent from centralized onboarding to robust exit management.

Ceipal's diversity hiring product uses advanced AI capabilities to assess, plan, and implement a roadmap to a more diverse workforce.

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