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Transform text into interactive components with Chat2Code. Create a counter, choose your framework, and watch your Component come alive in your browser. Instantly request modifications and see the results!

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What is Chat2Code?

Chat2Code is a cutting-edge AI-powered platform that simplifies the process of generating, executing, and updating React components. With its ability to convert words into code, developers can enhance their coding efficiency and embrace the next level of coding innovation.



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Chat2Code FQA

  • How can I generate a React component using Chat2Code?icon plus
  • What are the latest public generations available?icon plus
  • Can I share my generations with others?icon plus
  • Can I import libraries like Zustand or usehooks-ts in my generated components?icon plus
  • Is it possible to render interactive components with Chat2Code?icon plus

Chat2Code Use Cases

Generate React Component in seconds

Ready to visualize your component and generate the code?

Latest public generations

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Open Sandbox

create a counter with zustand

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create a dropdown

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