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Engage effortlessly with Hacker News using ChatHN, an open-source chatbot powered by OpenAI Functions and Vercel AI SDK. Experience a more intuitive and conversational way to interact with Hacker News.

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What is ChatHN?

ChatHN is an incredible open-source chatbot that leverages the power of OpenAI Functions and Vercel AI SDK to enhance interactions with Hacker News. By incorporating these advanced technologies, ChatHN revolutionizes the way users engage with Hacker News, enabling more intuitive and conversational interactions.



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  • How does ChatHN work?icon plus
  • What columns are used in the markdown table format for the top 5 stories on Hacker News?icon plus
  • Can ChatHN summarize the comments in the top hacker news story?icon plus
  • What technologies are ChatHN built with?icon plus
  • Where can I find the repository for ChatHN?icon plus

ChatHN Use Cases

Get the top 5 stories on Hacker News in markdown table format.

Summarize the comments in the top hacker news story.

What is the top story on Hacker News right now?

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