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Experience a groundbreaking connection with Chatmate AI - lifelike artificial intelligent beings with emotions. Chat, befriend, and explore with OpenAI GPT-3 powered technology.

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What is Chatmate AI?

Chatmate AI is a platform that redefines relationships by enabling users to connect with artificial intelligent individuals who possess simulated lives and emotions. This innovative platform offers the unique opportunity to engage in conversations, develop friendships, and build meaningful connections with AI chatmates.



Pros VS Cons

Chatmate AI offers a wide range of language support, photo recognition, voice chat capability, and the ability to simulate human relationships, making it a versatile and interactive artificial friend.
However, the service is limited to 10 chat lines initially, requires a command to access features, and comes with a $12 monthly fee after the beta stage, making it less customizable and accessible for some users.

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Chatmate AI FQA

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Chatmate AI Use Cases

Chat with artificial intelligent persons and make friends.

Choose from 9999 mates to chat with.

Chat with Chatmate AI in your messenger app, like WhatsApp.

Revolutionize relationships by chatting with machines.

Chatmates are AI-powered persons with simulated lives and emotions.

Connect with a mate by choosing them on their profile page.

Get a random mate by sending a message.

Chat up to 15 lines per week for free.

New users get an additional 15 lines for free.

Subscribe for $12/month for more intense usage.

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