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Discover the power of Ciel, the AI assistant on WhatsApp. Chat with ChatGPT & Bard, create with Dalle & StableDiffusion, and enjoy instant transcript, translation, and summarization.

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What is Ciel?

Ciel.chat is a platform dedicated to offering access to top-notch AI assistants via WhatsApp. It presents a range of modes like chat, artist, translator, and scribe, enabling users to harness the capabilities of AI in their daily routines. Through voice or text, users can engage with AI and benefit from remarkable features such as AI-generated art, language translation, task management, voice transcription, and text summarization.



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Ciel FQA

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Ciel Use Cases

Connect directly with Ciel on WhatsApp by forwarding your voice

Choose your preferred chat mode - chat, artist, translator, or scribe

Interact with Ciel using voice or text and receive responses in the same way

Unleash AI powers by having enriching conversations, generating AI art, or creating your own masterpiece

Elevate your productivity with Ciel's chat and scribe modes within WhatsApp

Unleash your creativity with Ciel's artist mode and generate unique AI art

Expand your knowledge with Ciel's chat and translator modes and learn new languages or discover new topics

Experience the power of AI on WhatsApp with end-to-end encryption for privacy

No need for additional installations, Ciel works directly within WhatsApp

Learn new languages, discover places, and dive into new topics with AI-driven learning

Manage tasks, transcribe voice messages, and summarize texts within your WhatsApp chats

Create unique AI-generated art through text, voice, or by referencing an existing image

Style your AI art creations using various presets for endless creative possibilities

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