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Transform your life with Circulife, the app that empowers you to achieve balance. Track, analyze, and receive AI-guided tips for a more harmonious lifestyle. Start your journey now!

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What is Circulife?

Circulife is a platform designed to enhance your overall well-being by providing a visual representation of your life as a Circle. This innovative tool enables you to effortlessly record and monitor various aspects of your daily routine, including activities, habits, moods, tasks, and journals. By earning XP (points) for each recorded activity, Circulife motivates you to maintain a balanced lifestyle. With its comprehensive features, this platform empowers you to achieve equilibrium in all areas of your life and enhance your overall wellness.



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Circulife FQA

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Circulife Use Cases

Achieve Balance and Discover your Inner Self!

See Circulife In Action

This is Your Life’s Circle

There are 6 Categories for your Life.

How Does My Circle Work?

Record What you did Today!

Balance your Circle

How Else can I contribute XP to my Circle?



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