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Revolutionize client engagement with Cloozo, the no-code chatbot builder. Train bots with OpenAI and Pinecone keys, tailor responses to your documents, and effortlessly embed with JavaScript. Experience the power of unique chatbots!

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What is Cloozo?

Cloozo is a user-friendly platform designed to enable individuals to easily create intelligent chatbots for their websites or applications, even without prior technical knowledge. This powerful tool caters to both small business owners and experienced developers, facilitating the quick and seamless development of interactive chatbots in a matter of minutes.


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Pros VS Cons

Cloozo offers effortless chatbot building with non-technical user-friendly features, diverse visual customization, optimal performance, enhanced security, and monetization opportunities for agencies.
The platform has limitations in terms of chatbot quantity, integration options for lower plans, refunds, and starter questions, and lacks a free version and explicit multi-language support, potentially making it expensive for startups.

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Cloozo FQA

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Cloozo Use Cases

Create chatbots that can browse the internet for you, or create one using a custom data set.

Use the information from your website or a set of documents to train your chatbots, so they can speak and understand your business language.

Diverse range of visual options to make each chatbot visually distinct and aligned with its specific identity.

Cloozo is best for SMBs and Agencies who want to offer the chatbot services to their clients.

Each chatbot can have its own OpenAI keys and Pinecone keys, making it a perfect choice for agencies.

Individual API keys provide optimal speed and performance per chatbot. The generated JS code is properly encrypted to prevent any browser attacks.

Empowers agencies to generate higher profits by selling customized chatbots to their clients.

Learn how to create a custom chatbot from scratch, train it using a custom dataset, and customize its appearance and other settings.

For anyone getting started with chatbot business. Includes 10 chatbots, the ability to embed on unlimited websites, upload multiple files, and scrape multiple websites.

For small businesses looking to start a business around chatbot services. Includes 30 chatbots and all the features of the Mercury plan.

For agencies looking to sell the chatbot services to their clients. Includes 60 chatbots and all the features of the Mercury plan.

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