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Create stunning 2D and 3D mobile games with Cocos2d-x. This open source engine is simple to use, scalable, and perfect for developers of all levels.

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What is Cocos2d-x?

Cocos2d-x is a versatile open source engine that empowers developers to create mobile games and apps in both 2D and 3D formats. Its user-friendly interface allows for a seamless and efficient development process. Cocos2d-x supports multiple platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows, providing developers with a wide range of options. This engine offers a comprehensive set of tools and features, including an animation editor, physics engine, and asset management system, enabling the creation of visually stunning and feature-rich games. Moreover, Cocos2d-x is highly adaptable and suitable for projects of any size. Whether you are an experienced game developer or a beginner, Cocos2d-x is the ideal tool to transform your creative ideas into reality.


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Cocos2d-x Use Cases

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