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Unlock deep insights from your YouTube audience with CommentsAnalytics. Supercharge engagement through sentiment analysis, comment categorization, and keyword extraction. Discover what truly resonates in just one platform.

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What is Comments Analytics?

Comments Analytics is a powerful platform that specializes in extracting and analyzing comments from diverse sources like web pages, social media posts, and videos. Utilizing advanced AI technology, it offers invaluable insights into customer perspectives, emotions, intentions, and the factors influencing their decision-making.


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Pros VS Cons

Comments Analytics offers a wide range of advanced features, real-time scalability, and dedicated user support, enabling users to extract valuable insights, improve customer service, identify pain points, and enhance marketing strategies.
However, it has limitations in pre-built models, customization options, language support, lacks an API for integration, real-time analysis, and clear data privacy policy, and requires manual data input, making it less suitable for complex sentiment analysis and dependent on internet connection.

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Comments Analytics FQA

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  • How does sentiment analysis benefit businesses?icon plus
  • What is key phrases extraction?icon plus
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Comments Analytics Use Cases

Identify, extract, quantify, and study affective states information of comments

Locate and classify named entities mentioned in unstructured text

Extract the most important words and expressions

Predict future needs of customers or subscribers

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