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Boost productivity and conquer FOMO with Core Beta. This lightning-fast, voice-first solution empowers small teams to maximize deep-work efficiency. Gain control and visibility with streamlined power.

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What is Core Beta?

Core is an advanced communication platform powered by AI, poised to surpass renowned tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom. Its primary goal is to optimize productivity for small teams by offering a user-friendly interface. Core guarantees enhanced visibility, efficient communication, and seamless collaboration. This innovative platform encompasses various features including video conferencing, integrations, multiple group conversations, calendar integration, and a comprehensive knowledge base. All these functionalities are packaged in a lightweight and high-performing solution, ensuring an exceptional user experience.



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Core Beta Use Cases

Core Beta is an all-in-one lightweight employee communication platform that maximizes deep-focus productivity and improves visibility and control over work.

With Core Beta, you can streamline onboarding, get a summary of messages during your absence, receive valuable feedback from teammates, and find the best time for meetings.

Core Beta is perfect for small teams and scales well to support large teams of 100+ people.

Core Beta is a free platform with the option to upgrade if needed.

For any questions or inquiries, you can get in touch with the Core team at hello@getcore.app.

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