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Transform your CVs effortlessly with CV Spruce - an AI-powered tool that saves you time by formatting your CVs within seconds. Upload your logo, input candidate details, add the CV, and voilà - professionally formatted CVs are ready!

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What is CV Spruce?

Sailee is an innovative platform powered by AI that efficiently assists recruiters in saving valuable time. By effortlessly uploading your logo, inputting candidate details, and adding the CV, Sailee swiftly generates a professionally formatted CV within seconds.



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CV Spruce FQA

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CV Spruce Use Cases

AI-Assisted CV Formatting for Recruiters

Accelerate Your Workflow

Save hours each month by letting the power of AI format your CVs for you before you send them to your clients.

Just upload your logo, input the candidate’s details, add the CV, and voilà – your professionally formatted CV is ready in mere seconds!

Even as we’re still shaping our platform, you can take advantage of our pre-order credit offer at a special discount. By pre-ordering credits, you won’t just save significantly, but also actively contribute to supporting our development team’s progress.

1 Credit = 1 CV Format

Pre-order Credits

Pre-order unlimited credits


Save hours every month!

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