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Unleash the power of Datagran's AI pair programmer, Jedi, to streamline analytics and AI model writing. Centralize data effortlessly in a cutting-edge data lake and seamlessly integrate with any business application.

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What is Datagran?

Datagran is an AI cloud data platform that enables users to connect their apps, execute models, and streamline workflows using AI. It offers a cost-effective enterprise-grade solution, catering to both technical and non-technical users. By leveraging Datagran, users can effortlessly generate data models, visualize data, and enhance collaboration, resulting in a remarkable 52% increase in goal achievement through collaborative efforts.



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Datagran Use Cases

Analyze data, build data models, and automate workflows with the power of AI

Integrate with other platforms and systems

Visualize and share data easily

Build data pipelines

Use the IDE for flexible data analysis

Meet Jedi, the chief AI chat data scientist

Deploy ML models easily

Reduce costs by eliminating the need for specialized teams

Give business users the freedom to create data models

Collaborate and boost goal accomplishment

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