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Unlock the power of AI in finance with DataSpark AI. Launch top-performing models used by hedge funds and make accurate stock predictions in real-time. Just select, apply, and get price predictions instantly.

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What is DataSpark AI?

DataSpark is a comprehensive AI Investment Platform that specializes in offering ESG Data, ESG APIs, and ESG Reporting solutions for Sustainable Asset Management. Our platform grants users access to a diverse array of financial, ESG, and alternative data, alongside powerful AI modules. This amalgamation of resources empowers investors to make well-informed decisions, all from a convenient single platform.



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DataSpark AI FQA

  • How can I access AI modules and financial, ESG, and alternative data?icon plus
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DataSpark AI Use Cases

Integrate AI in your financial tasks.

Access AI modules and all the financial, ESG and alternative data you need to empower your investing experience.

A €4Bn asset manager using DataSpark to achieve superior returns.

DataSpark partners with Hitachi to drive the global shift to sustainability.

A leading financial group partnering with DataSpark to bring data to the European markets.

Access and combine a universe of financial, sustainability & alternative data, and use AI modules to automate your tasks.

Enhance your everyday operations by automating core tasks.

Explore and unlock the potential of alternative and unstructured information.

Connect to all the data sources you need, and turn millions of datapoints into highly focused and ultra-effective decisions.

Your saving with DataSpark, compared to existing data collection, portfolio management, analysis and reporting routines.

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