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Enhance your browsing experience with Ddict - the ultimate tool for instant website translations and word lookups. Translate seamlessly without leaving your page.

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What is Ddict?

Ddict is a website that serves as a reliable source for users seeking definitions, translations, and phrases in multiple languages. With an extensive database acquired from diverse sources, it offers a comprehensive dictionary and translator tool.



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Ddict FQA

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Ddict Use Cases

Instantly translate sentences and look up words on website.

Install Ddict on your browser app store.

Ddict is available for several of the most widely used browsers: Chrome, Edge, Opera, Brave, Vivaldi, Yandex, Firefox, Safari.

Ddict is developed and maintained by Ddo.

Ddict has 1.000.000 monthly users all over the World.

Fix Tooltip Error in the new update v5.2.12.

Contribute to translate Ddict website and Ddict extension to more languages.

Bringing the Ddict experience to everything: from devices to text formats and removing language barriers for everyone is the goal.

Support more browsers: Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge.

Ddict Reader: support more formats: PDF, docx, epub.

iOS and Android Apps: bring Ddict experience to your phone.

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