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Depix AI: Effortlessly edit and enhance images with our intuitive online platform. Remove backgrounds, create new compositions, and achieve professional results with AI-powered precision.

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What is Depix AI?

Depix is a user-friendly and innovative online image editing platform equipped with AI technology. Its primary purpose is to facilitate background removal, image creation, and editing. By simply uploading your image, you can effortlessly cut out specific parts and seamlessly paste them onto a new background to compose a fresh image. Additionally, Depix offers convenient tools to enhance lighting, and even add professional-looking shadows, ensuring exceptional results.



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Depix AI Use Cases

Unlock your full potential - a competent resource capable of delivering outstanding results with unprecedented speed.

Applying years of Depix research with patented technology in high dynamic range image creation

An integrated suite of custom-designed tools for the creative product design process. It’s a personalized learning system for creation, curation and decision.

Apply the style of one image to another. Not just another filter.

I’ve tried every AI tool for design, StyleDrive does exactly what I want in a super simple way”

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