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Deploifai: Simplify cloud management for machine learning projects. Automate infrastructure, datasets, training, and deployments. Enjoy a SaaS-like experience on your own cloud service.

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What is Deploifai?

Deploifai is a user-friendly platform designed to streamline the deployment and management of AI models. It offers a hassle-free solution for efficiently deploying AI models in real-world production environments.



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Deploifai FQA

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  • What services does Deploifai offer for data engineering?icon plus
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  • How does Deploifai help with model optimization and retraining?icon plus
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Deploifai Use Cases

Cut time wasted on managing the cloud for your machine learning projects

Let us do it for you

MLOps is hard even more so if you use the cloud

But we can help so you focus on ML and we manage the infrastructure

Data engineering Datasets process large amounts of data store team-sharable data that you can access anywhere including training servers

Model training Training servers design state-of-the-art models use popular ML frameworks (tensorflow and pytorch) train on CPU or GPU servers with pre-installed toolchain including Jupyterhub and Nvidia CUDA/CuDNN libraries create one ⚡️Super Fast in less than 15 mins

Model optimization and retraining Experiments setup pipelines to improve your models with new data track and compare your experiments with MLFlow trigger pipelines to run autonomously in your training servers send your metrics to Deploifai's community MLFlow server

Model inference Deployments build your inference application as a docker image deploy your inference application with minimal config serve your users with a web endpoint to support your ML project lifecycle

Make use of cloud credits in your cloud account Deploifai uses your cloud account to create resources Maximize the cloud credits you own without the pain to manage complex infrastructure yourself

Deploifai is free to use You only have to pay for the cloud resources you use in your cloud account. You will be billed directly by your cloud provider.

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