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Boost engineering productivity and well-being with DevDynamics. Access auto-generated reports to answer engineering questions. Connect Jira and Github in minutes.

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What is DevDynamics?

DevDynamics is a comprehensive platform designed to enhance the performance of engineering teams by enabling them to deliver high-quality software at a faster pace. By utilizing research-supported metrics, valuable insights, and effective working agreements, DevDynamics empowers engineering teams to reach their full potential. With this platform, you can effortlessly measure and analyze essential engineering metrics, effectively manage your development team and processes, and align engineering efforts with your business objectives.



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DevDynamics FQA

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DevDynamics Use Cases

Measure everything. Improve using insights. Communicate impact.

Get visibility into every team, project and initiative

Focus engineering time on the right things

Identify bottlenecks & optimize engineering operations

Drive continuous improvement with goals

Improve collaboration and team health

Measure the right metrics

Get insights into your team’s velocity, quality, and productivity

Measure DORA and SPACE metrics to understand your team’s performance

Get visibility in an instant

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