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DoMyShoot - The ultimate solution for eCommerce product photos. Capture, edit, and generate marketing content at scale. From single galleries to millions of images, we've got you covered.

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What is DoMyShoot?

DoMyShoot is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline ecommerce product photography. It provides users with a convenient way to capture top-notch product images and generate promotional material for popular online marketplaces such as Amazon and Shopify. By utilizing the DoMyShoot mobile app, users can effortlessly obtain studio-grade product photos and access a wide range of creative backgrounds. Additionally, the platform includes a Graphic Design studio that enables users to create lifestyle imagery in large quantities.


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Pros VS Cons

DoMyShoot simplifies product photography, improves visual appeal, and offers a streamlined process for professional-grade image creation, optimized for different platforms and devices, assisting in driving sales for e-commerce use.
However, it is limited to product photography, dependent on user-supplied images, lacks bulk uploads, editing tools, customization options, real-time collaboration features, a free trial/version, raw image support, and raises shared data privacy concerns.

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DoMyShoot Use Cases

DoMyShoot is a mobile-based solution for product photography. It is an AI-powered mobile photography app used by millions of eCommerce sellers around the globe. With DoMyShoot, users can click high-quality product photos, including white background photos for listing images and high engagement lifestyle photos. The app also offers presets for different marketplaces, automated image enhancements like background removal and color correction, and access to a unique Pro Touch solution for brand-specific enhancements.

DoMyShoot also offers a web-based solution called Design Studio. It is an all-in-one platform to create premium quality imagery to promote content on multiple channels and boost sales. Users can access a graphic design software specifically designed for eCommerce, with features like photo-realistic backdrops, limitless hyper-personalization, and the ability to refresh content instantly. Design Studio allows for the creation of creative content in no time, with the ability to mix and match props, textures, and stickers to any background.

DoMyShoot collaborates with major marketplaces and platforms to provide seamless workflows for eCommerce sellers. Through collaborative partnerships with platforms like Amazon, Shopify, MercadoLivre, Walmart, and Kaufland, DoMyShoot helps sellers create and update listings more efficiently. The platform also offers solutions for various industries, including furniture, food, fashion, beauty, and jewelry.

DoMyShoot offers plans for users to take control of their visual content. The plans include access to the Photo Studio and Design Studio solutions, as well as custom backgrounds and multi-user collaboration features. The platform aims to help online brands succeed online with standout product photos, offering professional quality images at a faster rate and with cost savings.

Overall, DoMyShoot provides a comprehensive solution for eCommerce sellers, offering mobile and web-based solutions for product photography and graphic design. The platform also collaborates with major marketplaces and serves various industries, helping online brands create standout product photos and boost sales.

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