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Create and share stunning AI-generated art with Dreamcard.ai. Personalize and transform your photos effortlessly into postcards, posters, and more. Prioritize privacy while enjoying the joy of creating unique artwork.

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What is Dreamcard.ai?

Dreamcard.ai is a platform that offers a user-friendly experience for accessing mesmerizing AI-generated art. With our platform, you can easily personalize artwork by incorporating images of yourself or your friends. These images are seamlessly transformed into stunning pieces that can be printed and shared as postcards, posters, digital images, and more. We prioritize your privacy and ensure that all your personal information is respected. Experience the excitement of creating and sharing one-of-a-kind AI art with Dreamcard.ai.



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Dreamcard.ai FQA

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  • What is the cost of each card?icon plus
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Dreamcard.ai Use Cases

Create personalized greeting cards from your photos

Upload your photos and let us process them

Choose your unique greeting card

The card will be delivered to the chosen name and address with the provided greeting text

Each card costs between $8.99 and $16.99 plus standard delivery $2.99

Generating images incurs cost for us, so we have to put limits on how many each customer can generate

Market-leading expertise in AI-generated printable art

Hand-crafted artwork for the best results

Streamlined experience from idea to impressive results

State-of-the-art upscaling algorithms for best print results

Automatic aspect ratio selection, cropping, front side and back side formatting depending on region

More funny and unique artwork coming soon

Wall posters coming soon

Batch orders for business customers coming soon

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