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Dreamt - Dream Journal

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Capture and explore your dreams with Dreamt - the AI-powered dream journal app. Effortlessly record, analyze, and query dream content with sentiment analysis, tagging, and even dream-generated images. Unleash the power of your dreams today!

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What is Dreamt - Dream Journal?

Dreamt is a cutting-edge AI-powered journal that enables individuals to document and contemplate their dreams. Users have the flexibility to record their dreams through text or voice, making the process effortless. This platform goes beyond simple recording by offering valuable insights into dream data, including sleep duration, number of dreams recorded, and recurring elements. Moreover, Dreamt allows dream entries to be transformed into captivating story images, enhancing the visual portrayal of dreams. To further enhance the dream journaling experience, Dreamt incorporates automated sentiment analysis using SentiMojis and automatic tagging of names, places, and companies/organizations. It is important to note that Dreamt places utmost importance on user privacy, as it does not collect user data or utilize cookies or trackers.



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Dreamt - Dream Journal FQA

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Dreamt - Dream Journal Use Cases

Record dreams with text or voice

Get insights of dream data such as number of hours slept, number of dreams captured, recurring entities in dreams, etc

AI that generates story images from your dream entries

Automated sentiment analysis of dreams using emojis (we call them SentiMojis)

Automated tagging of names of people, places, companies/organisations

iCloud backup

Advanced Search

Dreamt iOS app does not collect any of your data or track you

This website also does not use any cookies or trackers

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