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Transform property inspections and reports effortlessly with Easylist, the AI inventory report tool. Simplify, automate, and excel with accurate and comprehensive reports.

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What is Easylist?

iListing AI is an innovative tech company revolutionizing the UK property market through its cutting-edge solution, Easylist. This AI-powered property inventory management tool provides automated property inspections, seamless report generation, and personalized subscription plans to cater to individual user requirements.



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Easylist Use Cases

Easylist is an AI-powered tool that transforms how property inventory services and reports are conducted.

The AI-powered solution automates inventory management, minimises human intervention by eliminating manual data input, and enables creating, editing, and pulling reports from all locations using a single tool, thus fostering transparency and fairness in resolving property damage and deposit disputes.

Tenants can use Easylist to seek visibility of damage and inventory reports for deposit return.

Landlords can use Easylist to verify inventory and document claims for Host Guarantee/damage.

Agencies can use Easylist to empower efficient management and elevate their processes to new heights.

Easylist delivers value with innovation, fostering trust and transparency within the rental ecosystem.

Users can leave comments, ideas, and feedback related to Easylist.

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